No two sites or clients are identical. At Czarl Architects, we seek to understand the needs and desires of each project. With every project, we carefully examine the intricate relationship between the inhabitants and their space alongside the relationship of the building with its environmental and socio-historical context. Every design process is often an exploration of new ways to redefine contemporary relationships between people, heritage, home and the sensory environments we occupy and move through. For us, that relationship is meaningful. We believe that every good design strategy reflects a key central idea, narrative or essence. This can be expressed through the individualized details of the spatial composition, the discerning use of materials and the clarity and creativity of form.

We see architectural expression not only as a resultant of many logical factors at work, but also needing to be underpinned with measures of wit, ingenuity and intuition. We hold the perspective that design expression is driven by the endless permutations and inventive combinations of technical and aesthetic knowledge, sociocultural, environmental and political awareness, which are then synergistically assimilated into a creative solution.


Carl Lim

Carl obtained his BA in Architecture at National University of Singapore. Carl is a firm believer in the transformative power of a well-designed building on the well-being and experiences of individuals and the collective. He sought to create a space which engages both the facility of materials and form as well as the ephemeral and the experiential nature of time. Light and memories. Carl began his early career under the mentorship of Mr. Chan Soo Kian at SCDA and worked on in numerous occasions with SC Global on prestigious projects such as The Lady Hill Condominium and Lincoln Modern. Upon completing his stint at SCDA, he joined the established W Architects as a Senior Architect overseeing key projects such as 33 Robin by SC Global & the Methodist Gil’s School. Carl founded Czarl Architects in late 2009 and he has been experimenting since then on the morphology of architecture. The creative exploration later saw Czarl architect’s double nomination at the World Architectural Festival for best future housing for “C” house and “P” house in 2012. In 2014. Wat Ananda Thai Buddhist temple was again nominated af the World Architectural Festival in 2014 for best religious building. Czarl architects is recently selected by URA in their inaugural exhibition of “Small Firm, Big Ideas” in the Architecture and Urban Design.

Khalis Sidek

Anditya Dwi Saputra

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